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One of the most important appliances of the Utah household is the refrigerator and freezer unit. In this modern age, it is practically impossible to survive without it, and if there is any complication with the cooling system, any food stored inside can spoil tremendously quickly causing odors that are hard to get rid of and wasted money. Contact Quality Appliance Service to prevent this from happening by checking your appliance's functionality as well as offering you prompt service to repair your refrigerator or freezer before your food perishes.

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Refrigerator Repair Utah

Common Fridge Problems

•Your refrigerator is warm.
•The freezer is not cold enough.
•There is excessive sweating in the fresh food compartment.
•There is excessive frosting in the freezer.
•The refrigerator is leaking water internally or externally.

Refrigerator Repair Utah

Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

• Clean your condenser at least once a year; not only will this save you money in the long run, but you will prolong your compressor's life as well.

• Check your water line (water hose) for any cracks, kinks or budging. This should be replaced before causing serious damage to the whole unit.

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" "Adam, the technician, was on his way in less than an hour. I like their 1 year warranty - have never had to use it but grateful they stand behind their work."


"The repair for my washing machine was handled very well. The technician had excellent knowledge about the machine and knew immediately what the problem was."


"Came out quickly - cleaned up my dryer and got it working again at a reasonable price. They were friendly and helpful. What more could you ask for?."

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